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Unique stoneware pottery handmade in York Maine.


Pie Plate

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Pie Plate


I’m currently restocking all items on the website and will update soon. If items are marked, RESTOCKING, please contact me, as I may have some in the gallery or in the kiln.

This deep dish pie plate is hand-crafted on a potter’s wheel and glaze fired to 2250 degrees.  It is approximately 2.5” by 10”.

For oven use: we recommend putting pottery into a cool oven, allowing it to preheat with the oven, which heats the piece slowly.

Avoid extreme temperature changes in both directions, allowing pottery from the oven to cool down before placing it in very cold water or a refrigerator.

Available to order in 5 coordinating glaze color combinations.

1) Oatmeal, 2) Blue, 3) Fern, 4) "Seascape" oatmeal with blue/green accent glaze, 5) "Landscape" shades of blues and greens

The rim of the pie plate can be carved with a wheat-like pattern on the solid colored plates.

Ocean Fire Pottery is food-, dishwasher-, and microwave-safe.

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